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I recently ran a search looking for my family in UK, feeling as it's getting closer to the holidays maybe it would be the right time to reconnect.

After doing a little research I decided on an Internet search company, 192 it came with rave reviews.

so you enter the name of the person your looking for it shows up you click a link and your forwarded to a page that says in order to view the information you have to buy credits, I was weary about this but after all the reviews where fine, so I go ahead and purchase credits needed and a few more why not find other members of my family while I'm looking right?!!!!

Eventually after filling in forms giving all the info your sent a confirmation email you have to activate your account. This of course cancels out your original search so once your activated you have to go back in and rerun the search then log in with your new account....once I logged in I'm told I now need to purchase an extended membership in order to view the information costing a further 150 pounds...not dollars UK pounds....

I have tried and will keep trying to resolve this but so far I am just getting automated customer service responses ..

Review about: People Finder Service.



I will like you to contact me direct on my email. I have a business proposal to give to your company that will profit you greatly. I await to hear from you soon via my email address.( jonathanwillfill@hotmail.com ), Please get back to me .

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I had the same thing. It is a rip off,

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